Grand Orient Hotel

The AMAZON concept, which in the history of art and architecture is associated with living in a state of nature, was revived and interpreted in the project idea with the desire to make patrons feel nestled in the nature, enjoy the lifestyle away from the chaos of the city; an elevated freeing living experience, with breath-taking sceneries to unwind and inspire.
Grand Orient Hotel and Laguna Waterpark were designed seamlessly to match the Amazon theming including the appearance and facade of the hotel building which we have cladded with aluminium louvre in wooden colour. The selected flooring with natural earthy tones will definitely ensure the feel of immersion is present in the Grand Orient Hotel when the visitors step into the hotel lobby.

Also, the green wall in the hotel lobby is designed to maintain the natural ventilation. These green surroundings will be as lush as possible to ensure a greater sense of relaxation and nature. Besides that, the landscape with more than 20 species of the Amazon native plants has moved toward the style of dense jungle. The utilization of the Amazon theme would be the perfect to drive the guests close to nature.

Adding more fun to nature, the Laguna Water Park was created to tailor for anyone and everyone, especially for family, leisure and adventure travellers. Laguna Water Park was designed with leafy-green wall and landscaping, unique sculptures as well as stunning rock carvings. The conceptual plan of Laguna Water Park also enhanced with 3 thatched roof towers which bring a unique building design, which is inspired by thatched roofing that has been around for centuries as a native way to build as a weatherproof roofing.

Apart from that, Laguna Water Park is an amusement park that features Aqua Kids Zone, Wading Pool, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Pool VolleyBall, Active River, Laguna Island and Lap Pool. Also, investment in more happiness where two water treadmill machines into the canal to make the rides more thrills funs and enjoyable. In keeping with that, the seats around the pool deck are made of original timber barks and the creation of rockwork and timber also leads to the creation of the cave waterfall. All these elements will bridge to the full immersion feeling as well as true enjoyment. In short, every single inch of the waterpark is the masterpiece of the Mother of Art.

Guests can enjoy a comprehensive workout at the fully equipped state-of-the-art gym and indulge themselves in the tranquillity of the spa. Believe that, the 2000 sq. ft. gymnasium featuring 5-star Life Fitness gym equipment will soon become a brand-new favourite gym for the fitness warriors. Furthermore, the two giant fans that have been installed in the gym are engineered to channel the airflow efficiently and naturally, thus creating a natural environment for the patrons. The Hotel consists of 5 levels with 43 rooms, which divided into 3 categories i.e. Superior Room, Deluxe Room (with and without pool view) and Suite Room.

To conclude, Grand Orient Hotel and Laguna Water Park offers a memorable stay with Amazon themed environment as well as provides new living experiences to the guests from worldwide.