Meet The Management Team


"The economies of the world are ever fluid. The business and ecosystem landscape is ever-changing. We must explore a multitude of industries as the world gradually transforms into ecommerce. With everyone going online and the world grows borderless, I know this platform is the next destination to venture into."

Ms. Emily Ang is a Manager in EZTRA. Helming the Hotel Partner Support Department of EZTRA, Emily focuses on hotel business development for EZTRA. In ensuring a thriving marketplace where hotels as partners to get the best out of their investment, Emily holds a vital position, the liaison of best customer and partner experience. Hailing from the beauty industry, she knows what people look for in lifestyle and creature comforts. A talented lady of considerable business prowess, she is also a Director of LMW Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.—the mother company of EZTRA. Emily aspires to turn EZTRA into the go-to platform not just for customers but hotels and businesses to grow and thrive in this competitive market.


"The proudest enjoyment for a business is organic word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing. And to generate positive organic WoM about our solution is through the best customer experience. So my focus will always be on increasing customer loyalty, increasing happy spending customers, increasing return and referral customers."

Ms. Michelle Ang is a Manager in EZTRA. Leading the Customer Support Department, where her primary focus is customer experience. Customer service is one of the critical factors in the hospitality industry and marketplace technology platform. Therefore, she aspires to continue delivering happiness through a great experience, exceptional support, and a fabulous platter of offerings for traveling needs.

Before joining EZTRA, she studies Styling & Cosmetology at the Tainan University of Technology. Michelle is also a Director of LMW Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.