For Hotel Partners

We help our hotel partners and business associates to grow their business with us. Partnering with us means you gain a team of marketing experts that ensures the success of a marketing channel through us.

Our focus is on creating and executing successful marketing concepts that offers unique guest experience that tailors to y our hotel’s story, heritage and the culture of their travel destination. We also work with social media influencers as our media strategy partner to support you to increase your hotel’s exposure rates online.

Key benefits of joining us.

Attract more travelers to your door
Our dynamic portfolio helps you generate bookings through a broad range of channels including corporate sectors.

Maximize your revenue potential
Hassle-free and elite class Sales & Support team to help you optimize your strategy to fill up your rooms and increase your yields & revenue!

Reach global audiences
Your property is marketed on social media for free such as Facebook, google+, Instagram, social media Influencer and others. We also utilize analytical and testing tools to assess the website's technical functionality, we can provide advice and support on competitor performance, keywords, SEO friendly content and a solid link organization.